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Masculine Vulnerabilities Combo (Book w/audio musi

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RIVETING! And masterfully written. This book is not just about sexual escapades, though, there were many, including losing his then long-time girlfriend to a famous entertainer who was his music idol . . . Stevie Wonder. Dunn's friends taunted him severely as to how does one lose a love to a blind man, a situation that was extremely humiliating for a young rising star. As well as addresses the difficulty in entertainment when confronted with male-on-male vulnerabilities that most macho men refuse to admit exists that forces them to tackle this tough issue. Additionally, Masculine Vulnerabilities speaks to the core of what women dread most about men and exposes the dark secrets of a man's heart; the fear of being rejected, and alone . . . Including the one profound undisclosed longing of their heart: what MEN really want and desire most in a woman, but very seldom dare to say, but absolutely can't live without―no man, whether gay or straight. A snippet: "Deep down all men long to be desired, to have that one special woman with whom their heart is fully transparent . . . to express joy and disappointment; a woman that will handle our ego and heart delicately and still make us feel like we are conquerors. Of course, we train ourselves to believe we are the one man that she can never live without. Such foolishness. Then again, a masculine way of surviving because we are vulnerable." Masculine Vulnerabilities: the "POWER" of an inner man has revealed the SECRETS all women ever wanted to learn page-after-page... ladies, you won't be able to put this one down. Your angst is about to dissolve.

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To the readers, I want to thank you for taking this literary journey with me. I want you to know that my publisher elaborated on various aspects of my storytelling as a writer, and all I could think about is how am I going to write about the world's most famous dad, Joe Jackson or my Rock N Roll Hall of Famers? "My Tony Award Winner would be a book in itself"; I amused myself. The private negotiations and gossip with high profiled people in business could have a downright chilling effect on my career; the Broadway directors, the renowned male Jazz singer who consistently made passes at me as we prepared to perform and walk across the stadium field, to navigating groupies at Madison Square Garden. All of which presented a unique set of challenges as a man. I shudder just thinking about the depth of male vulnerabilities one man can experience in a short span of time. I give my heart in this book and look forward to growing with you over the years as I am preparing the next release for late Summer 2019 "Something About the Hour." It's Funny, Masterful and Spellbinding.